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Technical Data Sheet FH-4210

Description: FH-4210 vegetable oil polyol demonstrates good compatibility with traditional petro-chemical polyols. It is mainly used in PU coatings, adhesives, sealants & elastomers.

Physical and chemical performance indices:


Yellowish and transparent liquid without impurities

Hydroxyl value (mg KOH/g)


Acid value (mg KOH/g)


Viscosity (cps, @25℃)


Moisture (w/w, %)




Storage:FH-4210 should be stored in ventilated and dry places away from fire. The recommended storage temperature is between 20℃ and 30℃.

Shelf-time: 12 months in sealed containers.

Safety:Users are required to wear protective clothes and goggles to avoid unnecessary contacts with the material. If there is any contact with skin or eyes, the contact position should be rinsed with plenty of water immediately.

Product information:Technical Data Sheet FH-4210---Click and view

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