About LitinEco

LitinEco began as a green initiative from Litin Paper Company in 2009 to distribute green products for Midwest corporations. Companies that can replace their disposable products with green products have a great impact on our world and help to drive us to a zero waste economy.

John Hanson, Vice-president and General Manager of Litin, was the driving force behind the creation of LitinEco and is proud of the growth and difference that LitinEco products make to the Midwest. Simon Hefty; Litin Sales Representative was instrumental in leading the introduction of many of the products into the market place. The response that Simon received drove Litin to evaluate and offer green choices in food service and packaging products.

Hanson says that, "LitinEco's responsibility is to educate corporations about the better green choices that exist for disposables. If we can help foster green programs within their companies, then we are partnering for positive change." He believes that when companies are educated on the difference green products can make, the businesses become a LitinEco green partner making better choices for the planet.

John Hanson and the team at LitinEco are constantly on the lookout for cutting edge, innovative, and the very best green products to bring Litin companies forward in their green initiatives. Litin has been an active member of the Minnesota Waste Wise organization, a non-profit organization that provides environtmental sustainability for businesses and organizations.

John says that going green is like taking up golf. "If someone helps you hit your first bucket of balls, pretty soon you'll want to play the whole course."

To get started going green, visit our Earth Day pages and learn how your corporation--and you can make a difference.